Ecology & wildlife surveys now being booked!

Spring is here and the long-awaited survey season is now upon us. This means lots of wildlife surveys can now be booked including:
  • Phase 1 habitat surveys / preliminary ecological appraisals
  • Bat emergence / re-entry / activity surveys
  • Reptile refugia surveys
  • Breeding bird surveys
  • Dormouse nest-tube surveys
  • Great crested newt surveys
Have you had a preliminary survey completed in recent months or last autumn that recommended further species-specific surveys are required in the spring?

Have you got a site or project that is likely to be submitted to planning at any point this year?

It is highly recommended that you start thinking about, and getting ecological surveys programmed in now. The earlier in the season we get the preliminary survey done the sooner we’ll know what other surveys are required and can ensure we don’t miss the windows.

Book your surveys now so we can get on site to undertake these surveys.

Avoid delays in your projects and avoid missing the appropriate survey window for another year.

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