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Spring is here again



It’s spring and the main survey season is just around the corner. Here at Acorn Ecology we are getting ready for another busy year. With our branches in Bristol and Guildford now entering their fourth year (not to mention Exeter’s 14th year!) we have experienced and reliable ecologists well placed across the south of the country.



Have you seen our new website?

  • This year we have a brand new online form that will make the quote process even easier.
  • We have a number of case studies to show what we do and how we are able to help you with your project.
  • Our News posts will keep you up to date with the latest developments at Acorn Ecology.
  • Our Ecology Blog posts are packed full of useful information to help guide you through all stages of survey, licence and mitigation processes.

A lot of ecology work is seasonal, with many species only active during the summer months. However, much of the initial survey work, such as preliminary ecological appraisals and bat scoping surveys are possible at any time of year. If you have a project planned for this year why not see if you can get the ball rolling before summer?

Any further survey required, such as protected species surveys, can commence as soon as the warmer weather returns, ensuring our clients experience as little delay as possible.

We have a useful survey calendar available as a free download to help you know which surveys are possible throughout the year.

Amongst the many surveys we offer are:

We are also experienced in licence applications and providing mitigation and management plans.



So if you are in need of an ecological survey, don’t delay! Call your nearest branch now or request a quote online to get your surveys underway as soon as possible. We have over 70 years of ecology experience between us and a professional and skilful reputation you know you can rely on.

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Exeter: 01392 366512

Bristol: Tel: 0117 923 2768 / Mobile: 07971 994324

Guildford: Tel: 01483 382821 / Mobile: 07443 652988

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