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Great Crested Newt eDNA

As the UK’s most highly protected amphibian species, protection and preservation of the great crested newt is of upmost importance. Having seen severe population declines over the past 50 years, great crested newts are protected under wildlife legislation and is it illegal to deliberately capture, injure, disturb or kill them or [...]

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Invasive Species

It’s Invasive Species Week! So here’s our contribution: A species we occasionally come across – Giant hogweed. Luckily, we know that we need to steer clear! It can cause blistering of the skin and scarring if the plant is handled without full protective clothing and gloves. In the first year of [...]

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World DNA Day – Why is it significant to your projects?

Technology and biochemical advances in recent years have opened up more optionsto us when it comes to identifying possible ecological constraints to your projects. 25th April 1953 the DNA Double Helix was discovered in Cambridge, England, following work by Crick (physicist), Watson (biologist), Wilkins (physicist) & Franklin (chemist). 63 years on and ecology [...]

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Where were the badgers in Shakespeare’s time? Where are they now?

There are big celebrations going on this weekend (23 April) for the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare, so we are bringing you a little known (though unverified) fact from his literary legacy: badgers are not mentioned in any of his writings. Why? We need to do more research to answer that but perhaps there [...]

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Winnie the Pooh day

The 18th of January is Winnie the Pooh Day and is apparently marked by teddy bear picnics and all things honey. I think I can safely say, with the exception of piglets (wild boar), that bears, tigers and donkeys won't come into conflict with your development projects under current UK legislation. However, [...]

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Christmas Special

Magicians pull rabbits out of hats. As ecologists we could, in theory, provide you with Christmas dinner, decorations and entertainment following a suite of surveys over the year of your site! A Bird survey a.Partridge or pheasant Robins But don't disturb any of the birds during nesting season as you'll be [...]

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Last week was National Tree Week marking the start of the winter tree planting season. Have you got woodland on your site? Is woodland part of your landscaping? There are over 1.3 million ha of woodland in England. These woodlands may be ancient or recent; natural or planted. Woodlands support a whole variety of species, including protected and notable species. [...]

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The weekend saw the 43rd World Hello Day - to demonstrate the "importance of personal communication for preserving peace" according to the website.^ It can't be denied, wildlife and development may also come into conflict. So we will be launching a series of topical exposés explaining the key elements of wildlife and [...]

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