Earlier this month the Guildford team were in Farnham overseeing a soft strip of a roof due for demolition, in accordance with the EPSL relating to the presence of a maternity roost for brown long-eared bats and occasional roost for   pipistrelle bats.

A replacement roost had recently been completed on the new build, adjacent to the existing roost. The replacement roost, designed by the Guildford Team, comprises a dedicated roof void, bat boxes, squeeze boxes and bat access tiles.

During the soft roof strip, attended by the Guildford Team, all crevices and cracks were searched for bats using an endoscope.  Roof tiles and battens were all removed by hand, supervised by an ecologist. The roof was covered with tarpaulin to keep the house water-tight in the interim period before demolition of the remaining structure.

Over the two days it took to complete the soft strip of the roof, a total of three male brown long-eared bats were found.  Two of the bats were discovered underneath the ridge tiles and the third was discovered underneath a hanging tile on the southern aspect of the building.

Due to the roof tiles being exposed to the sun for long periods of the day, it meant that the bats were relatively active and wriggly when caught.

The bats were immediately placed into a purpose built bat rescue box (a box with air holes in the top, a cotton tea towel and a small tray with a damp sponge).  The bats were then transferred into a bat box in the replacement bat roost in the new build.

The replacement bat roost will be monitored for the next two years, comprising an inspection of the roof void for bats and dusk emergence and dawn re-entry surveys. We very much hope to see the replacement bat roost being used by brown long-eared and pipistrelle bats for many years to come.


If you are planning a development of a building, call Acorn Ecology for expert bat advice. We carry out preliminary building inspections, emergence surveys and have extensive experience is writing European Protected Species Licences. Remeber that it is illegal to damage or destroy a bat roost without an approved EPS licence which includes a detailed mitigation plan.

Call the Guildford Office today on 01483 382821 or email info@acornecology.co.uk.