Project Description


This site comprised a derelict cottage set within an area of broadleaved woodland in Devon. Ecological survey work identified a bat roost in the cottage used by various species including the rare greater horseshoe bat. In order to renovate and extend the building a European Protected Species Licence was required and a bat loft was created in a new garage on site.

Our Client

Ian Nutt, site owner

Proposed Development

The cottage on site was derelict and in need of major renovation works in order to make a habitable dwelling for the clients. Planning permission was granted to modify and renovate the exisiting cottage and to replace the existing garage.




Scope of Ecological Works

Bat surveys comprising a preliminary building inspection, dusk emergence and dawn re-entry surveys were undertaken and revealed the presence of bat roosts in the cottage used by small numbers of greater horseshoe, lesser horseshoe, common pipistrelle and soprano pipistrelle bats.

As renovation and partial demolition of the building would result in damage/destruction of these bat roosts, a European Protected Species Licence was required from Natural England to make the works legal. A detailed Method Statement/ Mitigation Plan was produced and ensured that demolition/roof-stripping works were undertaken in a sensitive manner at an appropriate time of year to minimise the risk of disturbing or harming bats. Compensatory roosting opportunities were provided, including a bat loft above the new garage for the horseshoe bats and bat boxes for the pipistrelle bats.


The cottage roof and internal fittings were stripped during the winter months and no bats were harmed or disturbed during this process. The bat loft and bat boxes have been constructed/erected, and the site will be monitored by Acorn Ecology to establish whether bats are using these features.


Acorn ecology worked closely with the Architect and myself throughout the development of this project.

Acorn’s work was of a high professional standard, well considered, balanced, practical and always ‘on time’. Acorn played a key role in ensuring a successful outcome and I would unhesitatingly recommend them for any similar project in the future.

Ian Nutt

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