Project Description


The Spaniards Inn site is 0.7 ha and comprises a complex mosaic of habitats resulting from years of neglect.

Our Client

Barons and Chandlers Group

Proposed Development

The proposals are for the construction of a single building comprising a car showroom and workshop, together with external areas for customer car parking and used car sales.  Car sales would be separately arranged over two floors for BMW and Mini.  A roof deck has been incorporated and would be used as a car compound.  Access to the site will be from the Knockhundred Lane junction which was constructed as part of the A3 improvement works associated with the Hindhead tunnel.



Clearance of Habitat

Scope of Ecological Works

Acorn Ecology was initially commissioned in 2016 to undertake a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) and preliminary bat survey. The site was assessed to have the potential for reptiles and bats; therefore, further survey for these protected species groups was recommended.


Further survey for reptiles revealed one grass snake. No roosting bats were identified during the dusk emergence and dawn re-entry surveys. Acorn Ecology was subsequently commissioned to carry out a watching brief during site clearance, to ensure that any reptiles present were safely transferred to adjacent suitable habitats, out of harms’ way. No reptiles were found during site clearance.


I have worked with Acorn Ecology on many projects over the past 4 years. In that time I have found them to be a valued member of the project team, who work to the highest standards and produce first class advice and recommendations.
Colin Kiely, Project Manager, Kiely Planning Limited

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