Jess has recently been granted her Class 2 Bat Class Licence from Natural England. Jess has worked hard over the last few seasons, going out on box checks, trapping sessions and roost surveys, both at work and with local bat groups. This is what she says:

Jess Smallcombe Acorn Ecology bat surveys

Jess holding a greater horseshoe bat



“I’m delighted that my hard work has paid off. Training for a bat licence involves a lot of late nights and early mornings! I am now licensed to carry out roost inspections, handle bats and use endoscopes. Being based in Devon, there are plenty of bats around. It makes me realise just how much there is to learn when working towards a bat licence.

We are fortunate to have 16 of the 17 native breeding bat species in Devon. Over the last 2 seasons I have really focussed on bat work. At Acorn Ecology I have had the opportunity to be a part of a variety of projects, from housing developments to church renovations. I have learned a lot from my colleagues and from local groups. A big thank you to everyone who has shared their knowledge along the way.”



What’s next?

Jess has been helping to write European Protected Species Licence (EPSL) applications for the last 18 months. She will now work towards holding her own mitigation licences.

All Acorn Ecology staff work hard to keep improving their skills and knowledge. We take training seriously (after all, it’s what we do). If you require ecology training, or licence assessments, get in touch to discuss your requirements or see


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