The main survey season may be over, but there’s still work we can do on your development site. Don’t wait until spring to get an ecologist on board with your project. Start now and avoid delays later in the year. Here are just a few of the surveys we can do over winter:

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)

Get prepared for Survey Season 2019 by having the PEA Survey carried out early on. We can produce a Phase 1 Habitat map and assess the site for protected species. If further survey is required, this can be started as soon as possible. That way the surveys should be completed within the year (for small-medium developments).

Not sure when we can carry out Protected Species Surveys? Take a look at our survey calendar. You can download a complimentary copy here.

Preliminary Roost Inspections

You do not need to wait for bat season to have a roost inspection. If further surveys are required, they will need to be carried out from May, but we can assess roosts at any time of year.

Tree Surveys

Acorn Ecology aerial tree climbing survey

Assessing trees for the potential to contain bat roosts is ideally done at either end of the bat season. Autumn and spring are great, while the trees have fewer leaves and an assessment is easier to make. We have bat licensed ecologists with tree climbing qualifications in house.

There are also badger verification surveys which, like the tree surveys, are often easier to carry out once vegetation has died back or before the leaves are fully out. In some cases hibernation surveys may be needed for bat roosts, which can only be done in the colder months.

Mitigation and Management Plans

There are various mitigation works that can take place following summer surveys. We can prepare mitigation and management plans, and help on site. Acorn Ecologists are experienced at a variety of different Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) techniques for different species. If you need an ecologist to oversee habitat clearance on site, we can help.

Licence Preparation

Our ecologists are experienced in in writing European Protected Species Licences, including bats, dormice and great crested newts. Winter can be a good time to prepare documents for submission to Natural England.


Why not work on your CPD over winter? Acorn Ecology has been providing ecology training for over a decade. We can come to your office and deliver a tailored training day on the ecological topics that matter to you and your staff. To find out more, take a look at our dedicated training website or contact


In short, there are plenty of ways in which an ecologist can help get your project started over winter. If you’d like advice on what we can do for you over the next few months then get in touch on or use our online quote request form and we will get back to you.


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